The Azores archipelago is located in plain Atlantic Ocean, between Europe and America. Formed by 9 islands of volcanic origins.
Pico Island is the second largest of the Archipelago, with a land mass of roughly 447Km. It's part of the group that constitutes the "Azores Triangle", located at 4,5 nautical miles (8,3Km) from the Faial Island, and 11nautical miles (15Km) from the São Jorge Island.
Pico Island is known for having the tallest peak of Portugal, Pico's mountain, with its 2351m of altitude. It has a landscape tagged with a contrast of varied exuberant green vegetation and black basalt that reveals the volcanic origin. On Pico Island there are 3 districts: São Roque do Pico, Lajes do Pico and Madalena.
Each district has a town. There is no city in the island.
The headquarters of the society and all the houses are located on the town of São Roque do Pico, which is 8Km away from the Airport, 20Km away from the town of Lajes do Pico, and 20Km away from the town of Madalena.