Come travel the seas of Azores and discover nature at its best. On board the "DOUBLE MARLIN" the crew can fully enjoy the temperate deep blue seas of Azores, while taking advantage of the delicious bays for swimming, diving and exploring the coast, whilst admiring the magnificent bays, islanders and rock beaches. Find yourself surrounded by enormous rocky formations that give you unique landscapes and still surrender to an unforgettable walk when we are gifted by the presence of dolphins that decide to swim by, which is usual.

Due to its location on the Atlantic Ocean, the islands of the central group has the privilege of being every year the place of passage for whales, dolphins and sea birds, where they stay during the Summer months.
Some of the species that can be seen include: atlantic spotted dolphin(golfinho pintado), bottlenose dolphin(golfinho comum), sperm whale(cachalote), Risso's dolphin(golfinho de Risso), Pilot whale(baleia piloto), fin whale(baleia comum), giant turtle(tartaruga gigante), cory's shearwater(cagarros),common terns(garajaus) and seagulls(gaivotas).
On these trips the dream of watching the species on their natural habitat can come true.

We dispose all sorts of boat trips depending on the availability and preference of the client.


Todos os passeios podem ser alterados a pedido do cliente.
All outings are limited by the weather conditions.
Every walk can be accompanied by a tourist guide.