All the sea surrounding the Island of Pico, is for the purpose of fishing.
For those that never experienced fishing, learn the capturing techniques, it will be a pleasure advising and helping in the "arts of fishing".
For the more experienced fans of fishing, they will only have the hassle to chose the place where to spend pleasant hours capturing fine sized species.

We have several fishing programs that give exciting moments of both relaxation and adventure.
Coastal touristic fishing: family fishing, deep see fishing, corrico fishing and zagaia fishing.
Sportive fishing: Big-Game.


Price per travel is set to €800.
Starts at around 6h in the morning and return to port is set to 4h in the afternoon.

Trips to the banks "Princesa Alice" and "Açores" - €1000
Starts at 4h30 in the morning and return to port is set to 4h30 in the afternoon.

Fishing gear can be supplied by the firm or by each fisherman.